VMP Production believes in the power of ideas. Creativity is the factor throughout the process of completing the product.


The products of VMP Production are always unique, creative, highly technical-artistic and optimal uses, as we understand the needs of our customers to come up with intelligent solutions.


VMP Production owns a 6,000-square-meter manufacturing facility in Ho Chi Minh City and a 2,000-square-meter in Hanoi, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Years of experience and constant creative thinking allow us to combine and use different technologies to provide optimal contemporary designs in terms of cost and efficiency.


VMP Production is a member of VMP Group, established in 2007, specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing POSM, DISPLAY and COUNTER products.

With years of experiences and high quality employees and a large scale production facility, machinery and equipment, VMP Production possesses the full potential to meet the production needs of big programs, projects occur simultaneously in the whole system of customers.

Focus on investing and making continuous efforts, we have overcome most of the disadvantages that Vietnamese advertising enterprises are having to provide complete service (from the initial needs, ideas of the board Design, modeling, production), creating a higher standard of creative thinking.

We are proud of being Vietnam’s leading prestige unit in the field of POSM, DISPLAY and COUNTER manufacturing with superior quality products.

"Customers succeed - We succeed "




We take on the needs of our customers by asking and listening carefully to capture complete information, to understand, to release the most accurate and effective summary for the next segment.


We read customer briefs from different perspectives, exploring all possibilities to create ideas. Never allowed to be satisfied, we always pose challenges and seek new ways to ensure optimal customer service.


Creativity and design are the backbone of effective communication. From initial idea, brand communication design, through POSM, DISPLAY, COUNTER, products display and promotion solutions, we will provide innovative products that bring best marketing effectiveness.


We use a wide range of materials in the production: mica, plastics, metals, industrial wood, printing, electricity, electronics,… access to and use of the latest materials on the market, advanced technology, modern. The strength of the VMP Production brand is the specialization in each department, highly responsibility, strictly technical supervision, carefully to create the perfect product to every detail.


Our highly qualified, professionally trained, experienced, fast-paced employees are available to meet the most stringent quality requirements of our customers.


We continually survey the quality of the products we have been providing on the market to ensure that our products are always well maintained.




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  • HA NOI:  Phu Minh industrial ,North Tu Liem Ward, Ha Noi city.
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  • Hotline : +84982 739 739
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