You want to work in a professional, dynamic and creative environment. You are ready to join us but do not know where to start?
We always welcome the enthusiastic, energetic, passionate candidates to join VMP Group’s strategic staffs. Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced candidate, we are here to help you develop your talents.
VMP Production


The biggest asset of VMP Production is human, so VMP Production always has the policy to discover, attract, foster and reward talented person.
VMP Production invests in training activities, attaches importance to the development of compensation, social welfare and health care policies for employees, in order to ensure the legitimate interests of employees both physically and mentally.


VMP Production proudly has quality, youthful, dynamic and energetic human resources.
Well-working space, fully equipped facilities, modern office design, bring green space into the workplace, friendly with the environment. Especially, the company also arranged canteen area, garden to create a relaxing space and inspired source.
Friendly working environment and good supportive policies for employees.
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Customers are keys to the success of VMP Production. With the motto: “Customers succeed, we succeed”, conquering customers with prestige and quality, aiming to bring the highest satisfaction to customers.
Every employee of VMP Production understands that serving customers is serving themselves so our employees always listen to feedbacks from customers, thereby recognizing the shortcomings in product launch and services to improve quality on a better.


Human are the core element, the most important for the survival and development of the company. VMP Production always encourages the creativity of employees, caring each employee as well as their family. Develop a transparent salary and compensation policy that is commensurate with the value of the contribution to motivate employees to maximize their own capacity.